1. What happens if I am not happy with the service?

Our primary focus is customer care and if you are not happy with any aspect then please do let us know.  It is only through your feedback and our supervision that we can identify areas that need development and also those areas that need recognising for achieving outstanding results.


2. How long have you been established?

We established Sparkles Cleaning as an independent partnership in 1999 to serve businesses and individuals in Mid Sussex and the surrounding villages.  We are not part of a UK or American based franchise.  In 2007 we became a limited company trading under the name Sparkles Cleaning (Sussex) Limited. 


3. What happens if my regular cleaning person is sick or on holiday?

As a small company we strive to replace your cleaning operative when they are sick, however this is not always possible.  We may need to change the day and time.  We are usually able to provide holiday cover as this can be planned in advance.  Some of our customers prefer to cancel our service if their regular cleaning person is sick or on holiday.  This is, of course, at no cost.


4. Are you a registered business?

Our Company is registered in England & Wales under registration number 6048388 and our registered office address is Office 1, 54A Church Road, Burgess Hill, West Sussex, RH15 9AE.


5. What insurance do you have?

Our staff and work is continually covered by a comprehensive Public and Employee Liability insurance policy of up to £5million.  A copy of which we can happily send or you can view in the office.


6. What happens if the cleaner or a member of my family is injured as a result of your service?

Our insurance policy covers personal injury to all members of staff, householders or members of the public if we are deemed responsible. 


7. Are you insured if something is broken or goes missing?

Minor accidents such as breakages unfortunately happen from time to time.  Whilst items under £250 are not covered by our insurance policy, we will agree a suitable figure for compensation depending on the age and condition of the item.


In the event of damage to your property our Public Liability insurance will make a maximum payment of £5,000,000.  Damage to property will not be covered if it is considered the client has contributed to the damage i.e. supplying the wrong cleaning product.


We do not cover theft of belongings neither do our insurers.


8. Does your company use bleach?

Bleach damage and damage caused by spills of cleaning fluids containing bleach is not covered under our insurance policy.  We would strongly advise you not to use neat bleach or products containing bleach.


9. Do I have to sign a contract?

We do not issue contracts for our domestic service and you are under no obligation to us.  You can end our service at any given time without a financial penalty.   We do however ask each new customer to acknowledge and agree to our terms and conditions.


10. Who will clean my home?

Your home will be in the capable hands of your own dedicated cleaning person.  They will be fully conversant with your requirements and any special instructions.  We do not employ anyone without proof of address or two postal written references.  We do not pay cash in hand and everyone is directly employed by us and therefore come under our insurance.  We strongly promote good working practices.  We do not permit anyone employed by us to eat, smoke or use any appliances in your home. 


11. How will you clean my home?

Before we commit to cleaning your home we will arrange to meet with you to discuss what we can offer and to ascertain your needs and expectations.  This is an ideal opportunity for you to walk us through your cleaning requirements whilst showing us around your home.  Maybe you’ve used a cleaning company before and you would like to tell us what worked and what didn’t work quite so well.  Please see our section on cleaning services for a more detailed description.


12.  Will I have a set time and day?

You will have the same day and time each week, although please allow for delays such as traffic jams etc.  We do our very best to make it on time.  Sometimes we may need to change the day or time if a member of staff has a dental appointment or holiday.  We do try and keep this to an absolute minimum.  If you need to change a day or time we always do our very best to accommodate you.


13. Do you use my cleaning products and equipment?

We use our customers cleaning equipment and supplies provided they meet health and safety requirements.  This gives you peace of mind that we are using the products that you prefer.


14. Who looks after my keys?

All keys are kept in a secure and locked place in the care of your cleaning person.  The only identification is a number or symbol and the reference is kept in the office.  If you would prefer the office to hold your keys, this can be arranged.


15. Do I pay the cleaner direct or Sparkles Cleaning?

We issue our invoices during the last week of each calendar month.  We accept payments made by cheque or electronically through internet banking.  A receipt can be issued on request.


16. What happens if there is a bank holiday on my cleaning day?

We always do our very best to arrange a different day wherever possible.


17. What if I want to cancel a clean or I am on holiday?

Please contact the office with as much notice as possible between 9.30am and 5.30pm to notify us of any cancellation.  If you inform us more than 48 hours before your regular booking then there will be no charge.


If you inform us less than 48 hours before your regular booking then payment for 50% of the full number of hours booked will be payable and if less than 24 hours then 100% will be payable.


If we are unable to gain access to your home then payment for the full number of hours booked will be charged along with any travel charge.


18.  What if I have a special request?

If you have a specific request for one week, please do leave a note for your cleaning person and they will do their best to accommodate you.


19.  Can you supply references?

We have letters from previous and existing customers commenting on our services and staff, which are available on request.  Some of our existing clients are happy to be contacted by email to supply a reference.  Alternatively, please see our testimonials.


21.  How about Health and Safety at Work?

We consider our employee’s working conditions to be of paramount importance.  All staff are trained and fully conversant with Health and Safety legislation.  If they consider an environment to be unsafe or dangerous for any reason then they will stop work.  An example would be not using a broken plug socket because this is an electrical risk and therefore a hazard to their safety.