We are dedicated to providing a premium domestic cleaning service that will leave your house sparkling and you relaxed!

We know that whom you let into your house is important and this is why we always meet with you before starting. Through talking about how you like your home to be cleaned and which products you like, we will put together a tailored cleaning specification that will deliver each and every time.

We believe that by working together we will achieve your desired level of cleanliness and a bespoke service that suits you.

  • The same member of staff on the same day every week or fortnight

  • Fully trained and supervised staff

  • The same cleaning personnel every time

  • Public and Employee Liability insurance cover to £5 million

  • Customer feedback always welcome to improve the quality of our service

We ask you to supply all cleaning equipment and materials. The choice is always with you rather than us dictating what we think you should have. Although we are always happy to advise, please feel free to ask.

Our cleaning services are available weekly or fortnightly or more frequently at a time and day of your choice, subject to availability.  We also offer a minimum of one hour, which suits our retired customers who live alone.  There are many key factors determining the amount of hours a home requires to be sparkling clean.  You may have pets, would like to include ironing, you may have many ornaments or you would like the inside of your windows cleaned each visit.

Our service is always flexible, for example, you've just returned from holiday with baskets of ironing and you would like that to be done before the cleaning of your home. Or we could include rooms one week that you don't normally have cleaned i.e. guest rooms and guest bathroom.

We appreciate that sometimes we do not get it quite right, especially in the beginning when we are getting to know your home. It is through talking together that we can iron out any discrepancies and give you the cleaning service that you need. We are strongly committed to open communication between the office, cleaning staff and you the customer.



As we use your cleaning materials and products we do request that you supply different cloths for different purposes.  This is to avoid cross contamination and helps to keep your home hygienically clean.


Two cleaning cloths are required in the bathroom, one for the toilet only and another for all other surfaces.  We require a separate cloth for cleaning in the kitchen and finally a duster for polishing and a microfibre or glass cloth for cleaning mirrors and buffing stainless steel.  We leave the cloths draped over the relevant cleaning product so they are easily identifiable.


Please ensure that a long handled fluffy duster is available for dusting skirting boards and clearing cobwebs.  A vacuum cleaner is obviously needed for vacuuming the floors in your home along with a suitable mop and bucket for washing hard floor surfaces.