Sparkles Cleaning Sussex

Why choose Sparkles Cleaning?

Sparkles Cleaning in Burgess Hill was established in 1999 to provide a comprehensive range of commercial and domestic cleaning services to the Mid Sussex area. As an independent and local company we are committed to building long-term relationships with our customers.

We endeavour to provide a premium service and are continually developing our service due to feedback from our customers and staff.

  • A service you can rely on to deliver results every time
  • Fully trained, vetted and uniformed staff
  • The same dedicated cleaning person or team
  • Competitive price
  • Over 20 years experience in various commercial and domestic settings
  • Public Liability Insurance to £5 million

Our staff and your peace of mind

We only choose people to join our team if they share our values as a business and have a professional manner.

Each new member of staff is given comprehensive training on methods of cleaning, use of cleaning products, quality control, customer service, health and safety and working securely.

  • Vigorously interviewed, referenced and vetted staff
  • Navy blue uniforms with our company logo make us easily identifiable
  • Cleaning personnel record their start and finish time so you are always billed correctly
  • Unannounced checks of cleaning practice and standards
  • Continual professional development and support of all staff

Areas we cover

Albourne, Ansty, Blackstone, Burgess Hill, Cuckfield, Ditchling, Edburton, Fulking, Goddards Green, Hassocks, Haywards Heath, Henfield, Hurstpierpoint, Lindfield, Poynings, Pyecombe, Scaynes Hill, Small Dole, Wivelsfield and Woodmancote.

If your village or town is not listed, please do call us to see if we can help.

Commercial Cleaning

Commercial Cleaning

Clean premises are good for your image, visitors and staff

We are focused on providing a reliable and professional service to small and medium sized businesses in Burgess Hill and Mid Sussex.

Complete Managed Cleaning Service from the beginning

We offer a tailored cleaning specification to meet your individual budget and requirements. We will visit your premises to discuss your cleaning requirements. We have a wealth of experience in the cleaning industry enabling us to deliver a reliable, efficient and professional service.

  • Cleaning specification supplied without obligation
  • The same member of staff each clean to ensure continuity
  • Fully trained and supervised staff
  • High quality cleaning materials
  • Public Liability Insurance to £5 million
  • We never compromise our quality of service

All contracts are managed by a highly trained and experienced supervisor to ensure that you receive continual high quality cleaning and service. This is also useful for identifying any areas that may need extra attention or indeed where our staff may need further training and guidance.


We are committed to maintaining high standards and the best way of achieving this is to lead from the front, motivating and encouraging our staff to work at their absolute best.

  • Regular unannounced spot checks
  • Continual professional development
  • Cleaning inspections and discussion around methods
  • Regular customer service calls or meetings

All our clients have 24 hour access to their Managers providing commitment and care to each contract whether the cleaning takes place on a daily or monthly basis. Good communication, like most businesses, is at the heart of our company. Please feel free to either call or email any questions, alternatively, we can meet with you to discuss and asses your cleaning requirements and our services. At the rare times that we can not help we are able to offer the contact details of other local companies that may be of assistance.

Domestic Cleaning

We are dedicated to providing a premium domestic cleaning service that will leave your house sparkling and you relaxed!

We know that whom you let into your house is important and this is why we always meet with you before starting. Through talking about how you like your home to be cleaned and which products you like, we will put together a tailored cleaning specification that will deliver each and every time.

We believe that by working together we will achieve your desired level of cleanliness and a bespoke service that suits you.

  • The same member of staff on the same day every week or fortnight
  • Fully trained and supervised staff
  • The same cleaning personnel every time
  • Public and Employee Liability insurance cover to £5 million
  • Customer feedback always welcome to improve the quality of our service

We ask you to supply all cleaning equipment and materials. The choice is always with you rather than us dictating what we think you should have. Although we are always happy to advise, please feel free to ask.

Our cleaning services are available weekly or fortnightly or more frequently at a time and day of your choice, subject to availability. We also offer a minimum of one hour, which suits our retired customers who live alone. There are many key factors determining the amount of hours a home requires to be sparkling clean. You may have pets, would like to include ironing, you may have many ornaments or you would like the inside of your windows cleaned each visit.

Our service is always flexible, for example, you've just returned from holiday with baskets of ironing and you would like that to be done before the cleaning of your home. Or we could include rooms one week that you don't normally have cleaned i.e. guest rooms and guest bathroom.

We appreciate that sometimes we do not get it quite right, especially in the beginning when we are getting to know your home. It is through talking together that we can iron out any discrepancies and give you the cleaning service that you need. We are strongly committed to open communication between the office, cleaning staff and you the customer.

Cleaning Materials & Equipment

As we use your cleaning materials and products we do request that you supply different cloths for different purposes. This is to avoid cross contamination and helps to keep your home hygienically clean.

Two cleaning cloths are required in the bathroom, one for the toilet only and another for all other surfaces. We require a separate cloth for cleaning in the kitchen and finally a duster for polishing and a microfibre or glass cloth for cleaning mirrors and buffing stainless steel. We leave the cloths draped over the relevant cleaning product so they are easily identifiable.

Please ensure that a long handled fluffy duster is available for dusting skirting boards and clearing cobwebs. A vacuum cleaner is obviously needed for vacuuming the floors in your home along with a suitable mop and bucket for washing hard floor surfaces.

Domestic Cleaning


Mr B, Burgess Hill

We are over the moon that we chose Sparkles Cleaning. The standard of clean is second to none and just shows us we put up with a sub standard service for far too long. My microwave looks brand new!

Alex Francis, Haywards Heath

I contacted sparkles as they had been recommended to me by my agents. Easy to contact and organise cleaning and they did a really excellent job. Cleaners were very polite as well. Definitely will use again. Thanks!

Ingrid Bouriaud, Burgess Hill

Sparkles Cleaning performed house cleaning services at my home for 8 years. It was always a pleasure to come home after work and to find the house freshly cleaned and always left in perfect condition. The whole team from Sparkles is well trained and very reliable. Over the eight years I met different ladies of the team and all were very friendly and trustworthy. Even during our periods of holidays and other absences I could always count on Sparkles in looking after the house and the cat food. We are moving back to France, if not I would stay with Sparkles as I can only recommend them. I will certainly miss the service and the people and wish all the best of luck for the future.

Jackie and Peter Bates, Woodmancote

For 13 years Sparkles Cleaning have been providing us with one or two people to do a total of two hours of housework each week, just enough to keep the house under control! We have always found that Sparkles have dealt with us in a professional manner and we are very pleased with our current regular cleaners. If there have been any problems, eg our usual cleaner being indisposed, we have always been offered a choice of alternative arrangements.

Property Manager, IAG Holdings, Bolney Place, Bolney

We have contracted Sparkles Cleaning services for 10 years now and we have been very happy with their services. We have changed our requirements frequently over the years and they have always been excellent at accommodating our requests. The staff are very polite, honest and trustworthy at all times.

Action for Deafness

We have a contract with Sparkles Cleaning (Sussex) Ltd for more than three years and have found their service to be wholly reliable. Security is of high importance at Action for Deafness and all staff from Sparkles Cleaning working on our premises have respected our security and confidentiality policies.

International Location Safety, Haywards Heath

We have been working with Sparkles since 2021 and have been very happy with their service. Emma and the team have been very responsive and we worked closely with Dawn to get our cleaning needs assessed and the cleaning schedule confirmed. We have had weekly cleaning from them, and they have held office keys with no issues. They are proactive if there is any issue they spot or if they need to make any change to the cleaning rota ie a one off change of day. They are open to feedback or extra instruction if we want them to focus on something specific that week. We actually moved office this year and they held two sets of keys for us and were able to help us with a leaving tenancy clean and also a pre tenancy clean in the new premises in the same timeframe. They came out again to visit the new office and assess the premises to confirm the cleaning details and we have been very happy with them in our new office. We moved from Hurst to Haywards Heath, and we have been so happy with their service that we made sure we brought them with us!

Pricing Structure

A key part of our service is flexibility, which is also reflected in our pricing structure. You could have a fixed number of hours each week or maybe a variable time slot is more suitable. For example, some of our customers have two hour cleaning with ironing at the end, so one week it may be 2.5 hours and another week it maybe 3. How ever many hours you choose, you will only be charged for the exact time we are cleaning or ironing.

Commercial cleaning

Please contact us for a free quotation

Regular housework (inc ironing)


Ironing (out of home service)


Spring cleaning


House move cleaning



Due to increased motoring costs and as we pay our staff mileage, we charge 48p per mile for return travel to Burgess Hill. For example, if you live in Haywards Heath a charge of £3.84 (8 miles at 48p) would apply. If you live in Burgess Hill, as this is where our office is based, then £1.50 will be charged.

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if I am not happy with the service?

Our primary focus is customer care and if you are not happy with any aspect then please do let us know. It is only through your feedback and our supervision that we can identify areas that need development and also those areas that need recognising for achieving outstanding results.

How long have you been established?

We established Sparkles Cleaning as an independent partnership in 1999 to serve businesses and individuals in Mid Sussex and the surrounding villages. We are not part of a UK or American based franchise. In 2007 we became a limited company trading under the name Sparkles Cleaning (Sussex) Limited.

What happens if my regular cleaning person is sick or on holiday?

As a small company we strive to replace your cleaning operative when they are sick, however this is not always possible. We may need to change the day and time. We are usually able to provide holiday cover as this can be planned in advance. Some of our customers prefer to cancel our service if their regular cleaning person is sick or on holiday. This is, of course, at no cost.

Are you a registered business?

Our Company is registered in England & Wales under registration number 6048388 and our registered office address is Office 1, 54A Church Road, Burgess Hill, West Sussex, RH15 9AE.

What insurance do you have?

Our staff and work is continually covered by a comprehensive Public and Employee Liability insurance policy of up to £5million. A copy of which we can happily send or you can view in the office.

What happens if the cleaner or a member of my family is injured as a result of your service?

Our insurance policy covers personal injury to all members of staff, householders or members of the public if we are deemed responsible.

Are you insured if something is broken or goes missing?

Minor accidents such as breakages unfortunately happen from time to time. Whilst items under £250 are not covered by our insurance policy, we will agree a suitable figure for compensation depending on the age and condition of the item. In the event of damage to your property our Public Liability insurance will make a maximum payment of £5,000,000. Damage to property will not be covered if it is considered the client has contributed to the damage i.e. supplying the wrong cleaning product. We do not cover theft of belongings neither do our insurers.

Does your company use bleach?

Bleach damage and damage caused by spills of cleaning fluids containing bleach is not covered under our insurance policy. We would strongly advise you not to use neat bleach or products containing bleach.

Do I have to sign a contract?

We do not issue contracts for our domestic service and you are under no obligation to us. You can end our service at any given time without a financial penalty. We do however ask each new customer to acknowledge and agree to our terms and conditions.

Who will clean my home?

Your home will be in the capable hands of your own dedicated cleaning person. They will be fully conversant with your requirements and any special instructions. We do not employ anyone without proof of address or two postal written references. We do not pay cash in hand and everyone is directly employed by us and therefore come under our insurance. We strongly promote good working practices. We do not permit anyone employed by us to eat, smoke or use any appliances in your home.

How will you clean my home?

Before we commit to cleaning your home we will arrange to meet with you to discuss what we can offer and to ascertain your needs and expectations. This is an ideal opportunity for you to walk us through your cleaning requirements whilst showing us around your home. Maybe you’ve used a cleaning company before and you would like to tell us what worked and what didn’t work quite so well. Please see our section on cleaning services for a more detailed description.

Will I have a set time and day?

You will have the same day and time each week, although please allow for delays such as traffic jams etc. We do our very best to make it on time. Sometimes we may need to change the day or time if a member of staff has a dental appointment or holiday. We do try and keep this to an absolute minimum. If you need to change a day or time we always do our very best to accommodate you.

Do you use my cleaning products and equipment?

We use our customers cleaning equipment and supplies provided they meet health and safety requirements. This gives you peace of mind that we are using the products that you prefer.

Who looks after my keys?

All keys are kept in a secure and locked place in the care of your cleaning person. The only identification is a number or symbol and the reference is kept in the office. If you would prefer the office to hold your keys, this can be arranged.

Do I pay the cleaner direct or Sparkles Cleaning?

We issue our invoices during the last week of each calendar month. We accept payments made by cheque or electronically through internet banking. A receipt can be issued on request.

What happens if there is a bank holiday on my cleaning day?

We always do our very best to arrange a different day wherever possible.

What if I want to cancel a clean or I am on holiday?

Please contact the office with as much notice as possible between 9.30am and 5.30pm to notify us of any cancellation. If you inform us more than 48 hours before your regular booking then there will be no charge. If you inform us less than 48 hours before your regular booking then payment for 50% of the full number of hours booked will be payable and if less than 24 hours then 100% will be payable. If we are unable to gain access to your home then payment for the full number of hours booked will be charged along with any travel charge.

What if I have a special request?

If you have a specific request for one week, please do leave a note for your cleaning person and they will do their best to accommodate you.

Can you supply references?

We have letters from previous and existing customers commenting on our services and staff, which are available on request. Some of our existing clients are happy to be contacted by email to supply a reference. Alternatively, please see our testimonials.

How about Health and Safety at Work?

We consider our employee’s working conditions to be of paramount importance. All staff are trained and fully conversant with Health and Safety legislation. If they consider an environment to be unsafe or dangerous for any reason then they will stop work. An example would be not using a broken plug socket because this is an electrical risk and therefore a hazard to their safety.

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